Deploying best in class services and solutions for transport infrastructure, Green Energy and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).


  • Railways signaling systems implementation
  • FO design and deployment
  • GSM-R system installation
  • Auxiliary infrastructure supply: container building, energy, temperature control, security & video surveillance, small civil works

Industrial IoT

  • Forklift operations safety & optimization
  • Real-time location
  • Warehouse docking safety
  • Industrial sensors & control

Green Energy

  • PV systems: Industrial & Residential
  • On-grid or off-grid solutions
  • System planning, implementation & financing
  • Prosumer authorization
  • Energy smart storage solutions
  • Best Price/Quality ratio solutions, top suppliers

SOHO (small office & home office) IOT

  • Energy monitoring and energy saving
  • Activity monitoring
  • Light and temperature control
  • Access control

Smart Video Interface

Together with our partners from INTER@CT KIOSKS, a global developer and manufacturer, we offer a wide variety of interactive smart kiosks, interactive screens and smart Human Machine Interface Products. Our solutions are designed for various domains from education to healh care and industry.

INTER@CT KIOSKS offers a broad portfolio of interactive kiosks, based on a modular platform that can be equipped with various options, depending on the customer requirements and applications. The interactive kiosk has a robust and appealing design and can be offered for indoor and outdoor application.

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