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We started our activity in the utilities related services in 2003, with the creation of the company. In the past years, we have offered a comprehensive set of solutions focused on transportation services, building management systems, digital 3D underground mapping, installations, smart connectivity and alternative energy.

The solutions we provide, enable our customers to transform their businesses and markets, thereby transforming the daily lives of people everywhere. Our very well-equipped teams can install and maintain a large number of equipment needed for the safety and well-being of people working in various industries and services. With our offices based in Timisoara, Bucharest and Sofia we can provide fast response for various needs in building maintenance in a large geographic area.


Transportation Services

Integrated transportation solutions to help ensure digital connection, high safety, reliability, and increased efficiency for railways and highways.

Building Management Systems

Comprehensive solutions for safer and smarter buildings, including electricity, access control, air conditioning, lighting, and video surveillance.

Digital 3D Underground Mapping

Complete underground utility mapping solutions, that help capture accurate details of existing underground utilities and other infrastructure.

Installations and Maintenance

Reliable solutions that ensure safety by eliminating the risk of shock, a regular supply of electricity to all appliances, and reduced energy costs.

Smart Connectivity

These solutions are making it possible to gather more data and increase the performance of your services, helping for better business decisions.

Alternative Energy Solutions

Solar-powered water solutions that offer remote locations a solid and reliable platform that will minimize downtime and reduce electricity costs.

Digital 3D Underground Mapping Partner - Terra Digital


Terra Digital Analytics, is the joined venture of Deltatel and Terra Digital – a specialized company in innovative solutions for underground utility mapping (water pipes, sewer lines, cable routes etc.) as well as soil sounding. Together, we will support you through all stages of the construction process, from data acquisition to evaluation and documentation. Capturing accurate data and analyzing underground utility assets is the first and most important step of a construction project.

Knowing more about the underground lines location, soil layers and possible anomalies before starting the construction is essential for successful execution. The absence of adequate documentation and analysis on this may result in fatality and damages to existing underground utilities. Industries can suffer greatly in terms of financial loss if, for example, utility services such as power supply, gases or water are interrupted as a result of accidents during excavation works.

Gathering and analyzing this type of data ensures less line damage, reduced project planning time, increased work safety and faster execution of the project by eliminating delays due to line damage. With extensive knowledge and expertise, we perform detailed underground utility mapping and data analysis, using the latest technology, including measurements of the visible line features (POI), ground-penetrating radar (GPR) hardware and signal generator to detect conductive pipes and cables.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team for more technical details about 3D underground mapping and scanning services.


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