IoT in RETAIL industry

We’re bringing the future at the doorstep of your shopping mall

Smart signage solutions for outdoors and indoors information;

IOT turnkey solution for access control, social distancing;

IOT solution for light, energy, smoke, air monitoring;

Smart connectivity solutions for shops;

Utilities maintenance services (air-conditioning, electrical, water, etc);

Execution of minor civil works /building maintenance.

Energy Management

Social Distancing Control

Real-time locating system

  • Track people, forklifts and AGV’s, products and assets real time via web and mobile dashboards.
  • Get heat maps, reporting and API integration to analyze and optimize operations.
  • With the unique technology developed by Trio Mobil, real-time monitoring and social distance control are combined.
  • Peer to peer proximity detection.
  • Instant notification via e-mail, SMS and mobile application in social distance violations.
  • Extensive historical reporting infrastructure for filiation.
  • Preventing unnecessary usage
  • Invoice verification
  • Reactive punishment prevention
  • Machine-based production / energy consumption Energy quality tracking (Instantaneous voltage drop)

Over 10% savings per year are possible with the analysis of sub-systems such as production machines, ventilation, lighting.

  • Cold chain monitoring
  • 0.5°C accuracy in measurement with wireless and non-assembled temperature sensors
  • Trusted by World’s leading companies
  • Temperature/Humidity Tracking
  • Voteme provides the easiest and fastest way of collecting customer feedback.
  • Net-Promoter Score (NPS) is calculated automatically.
  • Extensive dashboards and reporting tools.
  • Portable device with 8 years battery life, data or power cable is not required