Main responsibilities:

  • IP Technician is responsible for the physical installation of IP/ Optics equipment at residential premises or business/telecommunication premises. This includes installing fiber optic cables, switches, routers, access or optical equipment, or any other necessary networking devices required.
  • Basic configuration of the Network Equipment, setting up the necessary network parameters, such as IP addresses, Wi-Fi settings, and security protocols to establish a working connection.
  • Testing the connections to ensure the equipment is functioning correctly and troubleshoot any connectivity or performance issues that may arise during or after the installation process (includes verifying the speed, latency, and reliability of the internet connection).
  • Network Monitoring - monitoring the network infrastructure, tracking the performance of routers, switches, and other networking devices.
  • Documentation: IP Technician would assist in maintaining network documentation, which includes keeping records of network configurations, changes, and incident reports.
  • Collaboration with other teams, such as network planners / project managers / managed services teams, to ensure smooth and efficient installations.
  • Troubleshooting in case of network issues, assisting in identifying and diagnosing the problems. This may involve working with more experienced engineers to resolve technical issues related to connectivity, routing, or configuration errors.


  • German language, medium conversational level is mandatory.
  • Working in Germany, which includes job relocation.
  • Driving license - mandatory.
  • Networking Knowledge of IP networking concepts, TCP/IP protocols. Understanding fiber optic technology, and related network equipment.
  • CCNA or any other similar certification would be a plus, even if only partial modules have been finalized.
  • A good understanding of fiber optic systems such as physical connectors and testing procedures is important for the proper installation and maintenance of connections.
  • Company provides technical training needed and required for such role.
  • Since the role involves direct interaction with customers, strong customer service and communication skills are essential. The ability to explain technical concepts to non-technical individuals and address customer concerns with professionalism is important.


  • Attractive salary package.
  • Meal tickets.
  • Yearly bonus based on company growth and individual achievements.
  • Reimbursement for full access to gyms/fitness centers across the country.
  • Reimbursement for kindergarten and after school.
  • Reimbursement for the parking spaces.

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